3 Effective Methods to Clean Copper Serving Tray & Other Copper Utensils

Copper Serving TrayAlong with the trend of having silverware and bone china utensils at home, there are some people who also like to have copper utensils – be it a Copper serving tray, copper glasses or other copperware - in their kitchen. But, with regular usage, copper vessels tend to get green because of the chemical reaction between the copper molecules and the surrounding air. This chemical process is known as Tarnishing. It is advisable that if you drink or store water in copper vessels, then you should wash those vessels at least once every day. This will eliminate the chances of speeding up of tarnishing due to regular contact of copper vessels with water.

Now, if you have clicked open this article, it is sure that you also have some copper utensils in your kitchenette and are looking for effective tips to keep them sparkly clean always. So, without wasting any more time beating around the bush, let us jump straight into the tips.

 1. Tamarind Paste – Form a paste of tamarind and water. Once ready, apply it all over your hammered copper tray and other vessels. Leave it as it is for a good amount of time. Once you feel the paste is drying, wash the vessel off. You can wash it off with detergent afterward if you feel that the vessel was greasy.

 2. Lemon + Salt Method – This method includes usage of just two ingredients – lemon and salt. When you have both these ready, simply slice a piece of lemon, dip it into salt and then rub it over the entire copper vessel that needs to be cleaned. Be generous enough while using this method and whenever you feel the salt is all washed away, dip the lemon slice again into the salt and repeat the process all over again. Gradually, you will see that the copper vessel will start getting cleaner and will become sparkly just like new. In case the vessel is greasy, you can use the detergent afterward to clean it out thoroughly.

 3. Vinegar + Salt Method – This process is similar to the previous one, the only difference lies in the usage of vinegar in this method, instead of using lemon. Make a thick paste of both vinegar and salt and apply it all over the utensil that needs to be cleaned. Once dry, properly wash and rinse off the vessel.

Well, these are three of the most common methods that are used to clean copper vessels. Bear in mind that you apply these mixtures over the entire utensil. If you are willing to clean copper serving tray with handles, make sure you reach every single corner of it. As a result, your copper vessels will remain sparkly clean always.