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2 Moscow Mule Copper Mug w/ Copper Handle (In & Out) 18oz

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2 Cup Set of Moscow Mule Mug with Copper Handle (Copper inside and outside)

  • Enjoy your chilled drinks in copper mugs for an extra cool sensation. Cooper mugs quickly take on the icy cool temperature of the cocktails making your drinking experience extra-ordinary.
  • Hammered and Handcrafted by skilled artisans in India.
  • Pure Copper Inside and Outside
  • No Nickel or Inner Lining- There is no inner lining or coating that you often see in inferior copper mugs. Un-lined Moscow Mule Copper Mugs create an ionization process that happens when the copper reacts with the citric acid from lemon or limes, producing a great taste that can not be duplicated by lower quality materials such as aluminum, brass, or nickel.
  • Capacity: 18 oz
  • 6.2 oz weight
  • Measurements (inches): 3 1/4 (Height) x 3 3/4 (Top) x 2 1/2 (Bottom), 4 (Middle), Handle size: 1 inch, 6.2 oz weight
  • A nice piece to add to your home decor and lifestyle. 

    Care Instructions: 

    • Please wash thoroughly before first use.
    • Please be careful of potential sharp edges while using/ cleaning your copper items. Always use cleaning gloves while washing.
    • It’s a natural property of Copper to show signs of discoloration or corrosion under different climatic conditions and over a number of use.
    • You can either use some of the home based ways of cleaning it with either vinegar & salt or lemon/ lime method. You can access complete instructions by searching online article on ‘How to clean copper’.
    • Alternatively, you can also use copper cleaning cream available at most of the stores.

    Disclaimer: Copper is a conducive material and may react to certain liquids. Therefore its recommended to handle with care, do your research before using it with certain liquids and also seek professional medical advice if its safe for you to use.